How to Take Better Photos Today

We all want to take better photos don’t we? Even the best photographers want to take better photos and will always want more from their photography.

If you’re struggling and want to know how to start to take better photos today then keep reading to find out just how easy it can be.

Take Control to Take Better Photos

Take control of your camera. Even if you aren’t confident enough to use your camera in manual mode, start to use the semi auto mode aperture priority.

This will be labelled AV or simply A on your camera and lets your pick the aperture of the lens. The camera then sorts everything else out for you. This is great because you get to decide how you want your photos to look without worrying about all the other settings.

If you don’t know what an aperture does then sign up for my free photography course to learn everything you need to know today.

Stop Surfing and Start Shooting


Go out for a walk, you never know what you might find…

Stop surfing around the internet looking at great photos and start to take better photos in the style you love!

A cool tip here is to use photos you enjoy as inspiration to start taking your own photos you will love to look at over and over again. Whatever you enjoy taking photos of, start looking at all the pictures that inspire you and go make your own.

Don’t be afraid to take a bad photo – how would you know what a good photo is without ever taking a bad one?

Take a Photography Course

If you are finding it hard to understand how your camera really works then why not look into taking a photography course. This will get you on the right path to mastering your camera and unlock your full potential. There are lots of free and paid for photography courses online. They are not all created equal so find one with a money back guarantee so you can try risk free.

We all learn in different ways and will find different courses and teachers easier to learn from.

There are even photography coaching programs you can join to get long term coaching with an experienced photographer to support you and answer any questions you have along the way.

There are loads of photography courses I would highly recommend to get you on your way to take better photos. Oh and don’t forget about my free photography course!

Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions

If your out and about with your camera and see someone set up with a tripod somewhere, why not talk to them and maybe even learn something new.

I see a lot of snobbery in photography but I also see a community that is rich in knowledge and loves to help each other out. So please don’t ever be afraid to ask if you don’t understand something.

Asking questions is a fantastic way to learn and if you are asking the right person you will definitely start to take better photos!

You can always get in touch with me here if you have any photography questions.

Take Photos in the Magic Hour

take better photos

Sunset and sunrise give beautiful long shadows that create depth to your photos


What is the magic hour I hear you say. The magic or golden hour is the hour after sunrise and before sunset. The sun is very low at this point and has to travel through a lot more of the earth’s atmosphere creating the most beautifully rich, vibrant and diffused light.

Try taking a photo of somewhere during the magic hour and then take the same photo again at midday. Look at how different to two photo you have taken.

It’s a great exercise to learn how light effects the quality of your photos and will ultimately get you taking better photos.

Learn a new Composition


Use leading lines to draw views attention into your photo

Light is very important in photography but so is composition. Choosing a good composition will usually make or break a photo. Combine that with some great light and your photos will really start to improve very quickly!

Some compositions you can try right now are;

A nice simple one to start with is the rule of thirds. Imagine a scene in front of you now divide it up into thirds horizontally and vertically. Placing a point of interest on one of these lines or a point were they cross tends to give a more pleasing photo. Go and try it for yourself and see how it can help you take better photos today!

So you have read the method who not try it for yourself. You might just impress yourself – and your friends! Don’t forget to check out my free photography course if you want to learn the basics to get you on your way to take better photos today!



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