What is ISO in Photography?

ISO stands for International Standards Organization. Simply put ISO is how sensitive the sensor in your camera is to the light that hits it. The lower the ISO the lower the sensitivity. In the film days you could buy film with various ISO levels. It is a lot easier to adjust nowadays than it was…

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What Is Aperture In Photography?

What exactly is an aperture in photography? An aperture is the opening within the lens on your camera. Depending how much the aperture opens determines how much light can pass through the lens and hit the sensor/film. A good way to think of this is look at someone’s pupil when in a dimly lit room. Our…

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Best Lenses For Landscape Photography

So what are the best lenses for landscape photography? Is there even such a thing? Won’t it cost me a fortune? Let’s get to the bottom of this once and for all and get you on your way to investing in some good quality glass as well as your photography future. Let me come right…

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Food-Photography-classes online

Ultimate Food Photography Tips

Food is one thing we all have in common. Some of us eat to live but some of us live to eat. Whichever camp you reside in, taking great photos of food can be easier said than done. Then there are all the “photography no nos” of the taking pictures of your meals to share…

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How to Take Better Photos Today

We all want to take better photos don’t we? Even the best photographers want to take better photos and will always want more from their photography. If you’re struggling and want to know how to start to take better photos today then keep reading to find out just how easy it can be. Take Control…

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canon 7d mkii

Canon 7D mkii preview

It seems like the canon 7d mkii has been just around the corner for so so long now. The rumour mills have been churning out fresh content every month for the past few years. But it does finally look like the canon 7d mkii is finally here – and was well worth the wait and…

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9 Photography Tips For Beginners

Photography tips for beginners – Being a beginner in anything is tough. Being a photography beginner can be even harder. For someone new to the whole photography scene it can be overwhelming, they can find themselves suddenly bombarded with a wall of confusing information.  They will encounter a host of terms like aperture, depth of…

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basic photography tips

Basic Photography Tips – Light

Use these basic photography tips to dramatically improve your photography today! Can you remember your first steps in photography? The first time you picked up a camera? If so I’m sure you wasn’t thinking about the quality or direction of light falling on the scene or subject you had your cameras sights locked on to…

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#scoretheraw photo challenge

3 Easy Steps to Improve Your Raw Editing

Like it or not chances are every amazing photograph you have ever seen or marvelled ever since the birth of photography itself  has had some form of editing! Hey but wait they didn’t have photoshop and lightroom in all those years ago? I hear you say, that is true but a lot of the tools…

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Stunning animal photography

6 Ways to Take Beautiful Animal Photos

Animal photography can be quite challenging. But animals and pets like humans come in a different shapes and sizes with different personalities. Some are fast movers and others enjoy a more relaxed pace of life – and some are easier to photograph than others! A lot of people find photographing animals and pet photography in general a…

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