canon 17-40L lens review

Long overdue review Canon 17-40 f/4 L USM

Having owned the 17-40 for a good while now I realised I have yet to do a full blown review of the red ringed oldie. I say oldie as it has been with us now since 2003 and in that time has been the go to lens for a huge amount of photographers, both for professionals and hobbyists. Over the years the reviews have been very positive but no review is without its negatives (nice photography pun there!). Those negatives were presented in the form of the lack of corner detail and sharpness across the frame when shot wide open at f/4. In the following video I address this issue with specific test shots to show what this lens is truly capable of for anyone wanting to drop a hard earned chunk of money giving 17-40L a place in their kit bag. This review should help show what you should and should not expect from the canon 17-40L. You can buy the 17-40L here for a great price.

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