Canon 750D & 760D Preview

Canon recently leaked the 700D’s replacement or should I say replacements – the 750D and 760D. They will be officially announced on Friday 6th February along with the 5DS and 5DS R. So what’s the difference? The 750D and 760D look almost identical except the 760D appears to have a top mounted LCD screen like Canons…

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Canon 5DS & 5DS R Prices Announced

We’ve all heard the rumours. But now its official – the Canon 5DS and 5DSR are the latest announcements along with the 750D and 760D. They are due to be officially announced on Friday 6th February. But thanks to photorumors we now have the price, and no they haven’t made the 5D series any cheaper.…

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Best Lenses For Landscape Photography

So what are the best lenses for landscape photography? Is there even such a thing? Won’t it cost me a fortune? Let’s get to the bottom of this once and for all and get you on your way to investing in some good quality glass as well as your photography future. Let me come right…

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