Top 10 Must Read Photography Blogs In 2015

Check out our top 10 must read photography blogs. Here are some of the best and they aren’t to be missed! Whatever type of photography you’re into there’s a photography blog sat waiting to be scrolled through. Off camera lighting, natural light shooters, do it yourself photography, there really is something for everyone. Joe McNally…

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Landscape Photographer Julian Elliott

A couple of weeks back I contacted France based Landscape Photographer Julian Elliott from to ask him a few questions about stock photography. What I wasn’t expecting was just how warm and genuine he would be. He is a real inspiration, gave me some fantastic advice and shared lots of his opinions and thoughts…

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John Davenport from

An interview with John Davenport from Phogropathy

Having been a reader and follower of John Davenport’s Phogropathy¬†website and videos on youtube for sometime, I recently noticed (unsurprisingly) that he had been snapped up by Being an inquisitive sorta guy who wonders what makes people tick, I sent John an email asking a few questions about how he ended up on the…

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