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Canon EF 24-105 f/4 IS USM L review

After reading and watching many reviews of this lens over the years, one could be lead to believe that the Canon 24-105L is one ‘L’ of a disappointment. To be honest there are a mixed bag of reviews out there but still a lot of people bashing this lens.

I have done quite rigorous testing on the 24-105L and as you will see in the video at the end the results are very impressive to say the least – not only for photographers but video shooters to boot!

Image Stabilization


1/50th f4 ISO1000

One feature that has really impressed me is the image stabilization. I have used this on other Canon lenses and although it has been impressive it somehow seems more powerful on the 24-105.

In the video review below I show examples of pin sharp images taken at 1/50th and even 1/30th second at 105mm. In practise this works fantastically well especially as the lens can be shot wide open at f4 and still perform superbly!

Canon-24-105-macro- test

1/30th f4 ISO500 at 105mm

Another plus point is the way in which this lens renders colour and contrast detail. Colours are vibrant and saturated as well as surprising accurate – which in turn saves time when editing.


Autofocus speed and accuracy are second to none thanks to Canon’s USM (ultra sonic motor) fitted to the 24-105, it really is super fast and pretty much silent too! The lens is fully weather sealed, (when fitted with a UV filter mind) which is a reassuring point but I doubt many will actually put this to the test! :)


Its not all praise though, if using the 24-105 on a full frame camera, shooting at the widest end of the focal range 24mm, there is a huge amount of barrel distortion, and if shooting at f4 a slight loss of detail in the far corners. Add to this heavy vignetting and the weight of the lens, (which isn’t a problem for me but I’m sure it will be for some), that pretty much covers the downsides.

Yes there is chromatic aberration on high contrast areas but this happens on most lenses. Thankfully so many of these problems from the severe barrel distortion, chromatic aberration and vignetting can all be corrected easily and swiftly within post processing.

Is the  Canon 24-105L worth it then?

Overall I am still shocked at how consistent the performance of the Canon 24-105L is, this really is a lens which you would trust to get results you can reply on over and over again on – all wrapped up in a level of build quality that would put most cars to shame. To call this a kit lens really is derogatory to say the least!

You can buy the 24-105 here for a great price!

Enjoy the video review below and remember to subscribe, like and share!

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