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Basic Photography Tips – Light

Use these basic photography tips to dramatically improve your photography today!

Can you remember your first steps in photography? The first time you picked up a camera? If so I’m sure you wasn’t thinking about the quality or direction of light falling on the scene or subject you had your cameras sights locked on to right? Well imagine now if you had learnt to look at how light affects an image first, then picked up the camera. Can you see what a huge advantage this would give you over other beginners? So if you are still to pick up your first camera start learning about lighting in photography, this will be the foundation of every great photo you are yet to take. A lot of people overlook basic photography tips like this and then struggle to take the photos that have that ‘wow factor’ they are looking for. Light and technique will always come out on top with the battle with amateur photographers desperately seeking out new gear to enable them to ‘get the shot’. Truth be told is the old cliché is right, it really isn’t the camera or lens that limits your photos or creative ability, it’s you. Even the most basic photography tips will dramatically improve your photography!

Everyone is a photographer now though

Now more than ever people have access to digital cameras without any of the hassle of getting film developed, this makes photography available to pretty much every Tom Dick and Harry who wants to call themselves a photographer. Yeah they might have the latest full frame camera and expensive glass to boot but hey come on seriously any modern DSLR in the right hands will always produce incredible photos. Start looking at light everyday and breaking it down. Next time your walking past a tree on a sunny day look at how the sunlight falling through the branches make beautiful dappled light. Instantly improve your portraits when its super sunny by seeking out some shade giving you beautiful natural soft light. Why is the light in shade softer? Why is direct sunlight cause harsh shadows? These are all basic photography tips but if you take the time to learn how to light and understand the dynamics of light then instantly you have an advantage over Tom, Dick and most certainly Harry and take your photography and creativity to the next level.

Separate yourself from the crowd

In a sea of photographs especially on social media it is easy for your work to go unseen especially in the early days. Just think of all those pictures you see filling up your twitter feed or facebook timeline when you think seriously? How many likes?? I could do better than that! If this sounds familiar then start to think more originally and be true to yourself. This is always the best direction to head in. Use your knowledge of light to pre visualize a photo before you take it, start to think how can I make this happen? What time of day would I have to be there for the light to be coming from that angle? Check the weather etc. All this will help you stand out and start to make your photos more unique and ultimately lead you onto to better photography.

You never have to rely on having the latest and greatest ‘gear’


Once you understand light there really is no limit to your photography!

Putting all this together you can start to produce a truly amazing portfolio at the same time as expressing your natural eye for detail and unique perspective – all without having to keep living in sin with your credit card keeping up with every little new ‘must have’ camera, lens or accessory that is out this week. This gives you so much more freedom to just concentrate on working with what you have and focus on what you want your photography to say and how your message is put out to the world. I’m not bashing any beginner or anyone new to photography for buying the latest and greatest gear here, I’m simply pointing out that it is usually a lot more beneficial to take the time to learn about the basics of photography which in this case is light. We all have our own way of looking at the world, being able to convey that message through an image is very powerful and helps other seeing the world in a whole new way. Spend more on learning than buying when getting into photography this is the best piece of advice you could ever give to anyone wanting to improve and grow as a photographer.

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