Hello my name is Leon and I am a UK based photographer enjoying shooting this beautiful country and the people within it.

Lumusphoto is about helping everyone, no matter what skill level. Questions will get answered and advice given. 

Soon to be launching the lumusphoto photography mentoring program.

You will see reviews and tips on the youtube channel, as well as written reviews on the site. Always updating the site with photography tips and articles to get you inspired to get out shooting.

If you are passionate about all things photography click here for the latest photography advice, articles, reviews & videos sent straight to your inbox!

Feel free to visit my website to see an up to date portfolio. What ever your photography needs come say hello www.lumusphotography.com



  • Caroline J

    Reply Reply December 12, 2014

    Hi there Leon – I found your site from a comment you made on KhaiMun’s 40 CSS Codes you can use on OPress 2.(Aren’t those just so helpful!) I have a question for you.

    I really like the layout of this site and I’m wondering if you could tell me what you’ve done to get your opt in box above the fold on your Homepage.

    I’ve just started using OP2 and am working on our site now. We’ve decided to have a Home page (but could be persuaded otherwise) on the root domain and definitely want to have a clear message on what we do and have an opt in immediately on that page.

    I do hope you can help and thank you in advance.


    • lumusphoto

      Reply Reply December 12, 2014

      Hey Caroline, yes they are incredibly helpful! lol.

      I just have the blog feature turned on and then selected homepage feature area under the blog setting> Modules section.

      Hope this helps if not I could do a quick screen capture.

      What is the site you’re building?

      I’m really no good with the CSS side of things sadly!

      All the best,


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