7 Photography Ideas You Can Do At Home

On a dull and rainy day (like most here in UK) it can be hard to get inspired and come up with ideas to take some great photos. Well allow me to save you the effort – here are 7 photography ideas you can do right now at home. 1. Food photography We all have…

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Why you need a 50mm lens in your camera bag

The 50mm lens is a classic, no one will argue that. But what they will argue is which is best? Well there’s plenty to choose from but let’s look at why you need a nifty fifty in your kit bag. It’s Sharp Sharper than a butcher’s blade! Prime lenses tend to be sharper than zoom…

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Top 10 Must Read Photography Blogs In 2015

Check out our top 10 must read photography blogs. Here are some of the best and they aren’t to be missed! Whatever type of photography you’re into there’s a photography blog sat waiting to be scrolled through. Off camera lighting, natural light shooters, do it yourself photography, there really is something for everyone. Joe McNally…

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Canon 750D & 760D Preview

Canon recently leaked the 700D’s replacement or should I say replacements – the 750D and 760D. They will be officially announced on Friday 6th February along with the 5DS and 5DS R. So what’s the difference? The 750D and 760D look almost identical except the 760D appears to have a top mounted LCD screen like Canons…

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Canon 5DS & 5DS R Prices Announced

We’ve all heard the rumours. But now its official – the Canon 5DS and 5DSR are the latest announcements along with the 750D and 760D. They are due to be officially announced on Friday 6th February. But thanks to photorumors we now have the price, and no they haven’t made the 5D series any cheaper.…

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10 Types of Photography Every Aspiring Photographer Should Try

With so many different types of photography out there it can get confusing and be hard to know what’s what. Here are 10 types of photography every budding photographer should try out, if they haven’t already… Long Exposure Photography Turning water into pure silk – no it’s not some magic circle shenanigans, it’s long exposure…

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Ultimate Beginner Photography Tips

Being a beginner in photography is an exciting time. You see all these amazing photos and can’t wait to take some of your own. But if you find when you go out to take your own photos they leave some what to be desired then never fear as the Lumusphoto Ultimate Beginner Photography Tips are…

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What is a telephoto lens?

You don’t need to spend 1000’s to get a half decent telephoto lens, there’s something to suit everyone’s budget. If you’re thinking of buying a telephoto lens for the first time here is everything you need to know about telephoto lenses. What is a telephoto lens? A telephoto lens is a lens which can zoom…

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How to Take Great Portraits

There really is no secret to taking stunning portraits. A lot of people get hung up over finding the ‘magic technique’ to taking the greatest portraits – but reality is, it can be a lot simpler than you think. It’s all about the eyes. Our eyes really are windows to the soul and as human…

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How Does Shutter Speed Work?

Your camera has a shutter in front of the sensor. When you take a picture the camera focuses, closes the aperture blades and then opens the shutter exposing the sensor behind it to the light travelling through the lens. Viola you have a photo. Depending how long the shutter is open affects not only how…

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